1 August 1996 Generalized approach to single-mode dispersion-modified optical fiber design
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A generalized approach is described for tailoring the dispersion characteristics of single-mode optical fibers with index distribution of nonuniform (or segmented) core and cladding profiles. This is followed by an identification of the sensitivities of the zero dispersion wavelength for various dopant level in the fiber regions. A design strategy is given as is its implementation for designing dispersion-modified optical fibers. Parameters critically affecting the dispersion-flattened or compensated single-mode fibers are outlined, together with a set of design rules.
Le Nguyen Binh, Le Nguyen Binh, Su-Vun Chung, Su-Vun Chung, } "Generalized approach to single-mode dispersion-modified optical fiber design," Optical Engineering 35(8), (1 August 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600800 . Submission:

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