1 September 1996 Reconstruction from incomplete data in cone-beam tomography
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A method for reconstruction of an object f (x) x5(x ,y ,z ) from a limited set of cone-beam projection data has been developed. This method uses a modified form of convolution back-projection and projection onto convex sets (POCS) for handling the limited (or incomplete) data problem. In cone-beam tomography, one needs to have a complete geometry to completely reconstruct the original three-dimensional object. While complete geometries do exist, they are of little use in practical implementations. The most common trajectory used in practical scanners is circular, which is incomplete. It is, however, possible to recover some of the information of the original signal f (x) based on a priori knowledge of the nature of f (x). If this knowledge can be posed in a convex set framework, then POCS can be utilized. In this report, we utilize this a priori knowledge as convex set constraints to reconstruct f (x) using POCS. While we demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm for circular trajectories, it is essentially geometry independent and will be useful in any limited-view cone-beam reconstruction.
Harish P. Hiriyannaiah, Harish P. Hiriyannaiah, Mohan Satyaranjan, Mohan Satyaranjan, K. R. Ramakrishnan, K. R. Ramakrishnan, } "Reconstruction from incomplete data in cone-beam tomography," Optical Engineering 35(9), (1 September 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.600841 . Submission:

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