1 January 1997 Photothermal characterization of optical thin film coatings
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Photothermal techniques are widely used in thin film characterizations and are particularly useful in studying laser-induced damage in optical coatings. The specific applications include measuring weak absorption, characterizing thermal conductivity, detecting local defects, and monitoring laser-interaction dynamics and determining laser damage thresholds as well as thermal impedance at boundaries of multilayers. We take an overview of the principle of photothermal techniques, the various detection methods, and the progress made during the last decade in applying these techniques to optical thin films. The further potential and limitations of the techniques will also be discussed, with emphasis on in situ studies of laser interaction with thin films and local defects.
Zhouling Wu, Zhouling Wu, Marshall Thomsen, Marshall Thomsen, Pao-Kuang Kuo, Pao-Kuang Kuo, Y. S. Lu, Y. S. Lu, Christopher J. Stolz, Christopher J. Stolz, Mark R. Kozlowski, Mark R. Kozlowski, } "Photothermal characterization of optical thin film coatings," Optical Engineering 36(1), (1 January 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601125 . Submission:

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