1 October 1997 Performance of a second-generation miniature ruggedized optical correlator module
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Many image processing applications require a small, lowpower, low-cost pattern recognition system that is capable of locating and identifying objects. Miniature optical correlators can perform 2-D pattern recognition at greater rates than digital platforms of equivalent size, power and/or weight. The patented miniature ruggedized optical correlator (MROC™) module is built to meet the environmental, size, power, and weight requirements of military and rugged commercial applications, and at a cost that permits wide deployment of the capability. The second version of the MROC module consists of a ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) device in the input plane for high light efficiency and incorporates a reflective magnet-optic spatial light modulator (RMOSLM™) device in the filter plane for very high speed operation. The correlator has a volume of approximately 20 in.3. MROC II breadboard tests demonstrated excellent correlation peaks, i.e., excellent discrimination (SNR>25), at pattern matching rates of 1920/s on images of military vehicles.
James P. Karins, Stuart A. Mills, James R. Ryan, Robert Barry Dydyk, John R. Lucas, "Performance of a second-generation miniature ruggedized optical correlator module," Optical Engineering 36(10), (1 October 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601468

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