1 November 1997 Optodigital neural network classifier
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A two-layer neural network architecture for carrying out optodigital classification operations is proposed. The optical neural network implementation is suitable for pattern recognition and classification into digital format. The neural network is based on an optical correlator, an optoelectronic threshold, and an optodigital encoder. The module needs only one laser light source, and the light propagation from the input to the output is uninterrupted. The output is the class of the input pattern encoded in a digital format. Experimental results using different images and classes are presented. The classification can be changed arbitrarily by changing the encoding mask.
Alain Bergeron, Alain Bergeron, Henri H. Arsenault, Henri H. Arsenault, Michel Doucet, Michel Doucet, Luc Veilleux, Luc Veilleux, Denis J. Gingras, Denis J. Gingras, } "Optodigital neural network classifier," Optical Engineering 36(11), (1 November 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601551 . Submission:

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