1 December 1997 Interactive image retrieval by natural language
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This paper presents a method of building an image data retrieval system that can accept Japanese sentences and handle subjective expressions. A naive user who has little knowledge about objects in the database is likely to use subjective words to explain what he or she wants, for instance, ‘‘show me a cute one,’’ or ‘‘I would like to have a simpler one.’’ Objective interpretation of those expressions is difficult but is indispensable to retrieval systems. In this paper we propose a technique for matching subjective expressions with color features and discuss usability of our natural language interface.
Shouji Harada, Shouji Harada, Yukihiro Itoh, Yukihiro Itoh, Hiromasa Nakatani, Hiromasa Nakatani, "Interactive image retrieval by natural language," Optical Engineering 36(12), (1 December 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601567 . Submission:

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