1 February 1997 Ouput power characteristics of a Fabry-Perot Er3+-doped fiber laser
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An analysis is performed to obtain explicit closed-form expressions for the output power, threshold pump power, and the optimum length of an erbium-doped Fabry-Pe´ rot cavity fiber laser. To verify the validity of the model, we used an electron cyclotron resonance plasmaenhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus to deposit dielectric thin films on one fiber end to change the reflectance of a cavity mirror, while monitoring the reflectance in situ. We also varied the active fiber length and compared the measured values of output power and threshold pump power with the theoretically predicted values. Good agreement between theory and experiment was obtained.
Johan P. Burger, Johan P. Burger, Pieter L. Swart, Pieter L. Swart, Stephanus J. Spammer, Stephanus J. Spammer, Pavel V. Bulkin, Pavel V. Bulkin, } "Ouput power characteristics of a Fabry-Perot Er3+-doped fiber laser," Optical Engineering 36(2), (1 February 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601232 . Submission:

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