1 February 1997 Single switch as a driver of two-repetition-rate lasers
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Generation of two synchronized high-voltage discharges at a 200-Hz repetition rate by rotating a suitably configured circular dielectric plate between two pairs of spark gap electrodes is reported. The delay between the discharges could be varied from less than a microsecond to more than a millisecond by locating the electrodes of the spark gaps judiciously with respect to the passing holes of the dielectric plate. The performance of the device has been tested by switching a total of 2.5 kW power on two identical dummy loads resembling a typical transversely excited (TE) laser in terms of resistance. Operation of the switch in the triggered mode has been achieved by use of an optical sensor. The test on a real transversely excited atmosphere (TEA) CO2 laser load was limited to a 50-Hz repetition rate. Inadequate cooling of the laser gas mixture and the accumulation of discharge products led to arcing beyond this pulse repetition frequency.
Dhruba J. Biswas, Dhruba J. Biswas, J. Padma Nilaya, J. Padma Nilaya, Udit Chatterjee, Udit Chatterjee, "Single switch as a driver of two-repetition-rate lasers," Optical Engineering 36(2), (1 February 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601231 . Submission:


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