1 March 1997 Integrated optical circulator based on radiatively coupled magneto-optic waveguides
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In a three-guide coupler with multimode central waveguide, more than two modes of the entire structure participate in the coupling between the outer waveguides. Using a three-mode approximation we found simple conditions for complete power transfer between the outer waveguides: the device length has to match certain multiples of the conventionally defined coupling length. The specific form of the relevant modes allows us to design a magneto-optic isolator or circulator with significantly reduced device length (as compared to the conventional nonreciprocal coupler). The performance of the proposed devices is simulated by propagating-mode calculations. Estimates for admissible fabrication tolerances for the layer thicknesses are presented.
Manfred Lohmeyer, Manfred Lohmeyer, Mikhail Shamonin, Mikhail Shamonin, Peter Hertel, Peter Hertel, } "Integrated optical circulator based on radiatively coupled magneto-optic waveguides," Optical Engineering 36(3), (1 March 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601255 . Submission:

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