1 June 1997 Object recognition using a laser scanner and Fourier transform
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In automated manufacturing systems an important task is to recognize different three-dimensional objects, e.g., workpieces. For this purpose we have used the fact that different objects scatter laser light from a scanner differently. To recognize the differences between the light reradiated by the objects we have used Fourier transformation. By this means the scanned data can be reduced to a few parameters for classification of the objects. This method is a rather simple and inexpensive way to complement other object recognition systems, e.g., in robotic applications. Both theory and verifying practical tests and results are presented.
Leif Axelsson, Leif Axelsson, Nils Karlsson, Nils Karlsson, } "Object recognition using a laser scanner and Fourier transform," Optical Engineering 36(6), (1 June 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601198 . Submission:

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