1 August 1997 Holographic circle-to-point converter with particular applications for lidar work
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A holographic optical element is developed that functions as a circle-to-point converter. The holographic plate looks like a zone plate but functions like a collection of field lenses. Each annulus of the holographic plate acts as a separate lens, imaging incident light to a point focus. The plate was developed for use with Fabry-Pe´ rot interferometers, but other applications are also possible. The plate has high throughput, and when coupled with high quantum efficiency solid state detectors provides an efficient photon-collecting detection system. Development of the plate was driven by need for an efficient Doppler lidar detection system, and specific lidar applications are discussed.
Matthew J. McGill, Matthew J. McGill, Joseph Marzouk, Joseph Marzouk, V. Stanley Scott, V. Stanley Scott, James D. Spinhirne, James D. Spinhirne, } "Holographic circle-to-point converter with particular applications for lidar work," Optical Engineering 36(8), (1 August 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601437 . Submission:

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