1 August 1997 Polarization-sensitive readout of self-images
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When a Ronchi grating is stored as modulation of birefringence, it can be replicated (Talbot effect) if read out with coherent light. This is obtained by writing an incoherently projected grating in a photorefractive BSO crystal. Then, it is read out by collimated polarized laser light, which is outside of the crystal spectral sensitivity range. The ellipticity of the readout light exiting the crystal is determined according to the local birefringence. By rotating an analyzer the contrast of the free propagation replicated grating is controlled. Experimental results are presented.
Maria del Carmen Lasprilla Alvarez, Maria del Carmen Lasprilla Alvarez, Myrian C. Tebaldi, Myrian C. Tebaldi, Nestor A. Bolognini, Nestor A. Bolognini, "Polarization-sensitive readout of self-images," Optical Engineering 36(8), (1 August 1997). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601443 . Submission:

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