1 January 1998 Direction sensing rotational filter for an optical correlator
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The output of an optical correlator is sensitive to rotations of the input object. However, the correlator cannot distinguish the direction of this rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise). We introduce a rotationally sensitive multiplexed filter that senses both the direction and amount of rotation of the input object without employing iterative filter techniques. Our filter simultaneously forms three correlation outputs at three different spatial locations. Each output represents the correlation of the input object with a different rotated version of the reference object. Comparison of the three correlation outputs enables the direction and amount of rotation to be determined. This approach is insensitive to changes in the input object intensity because the various correlation peaks are formed simultaneously. Experimental results show an angular sensitivity of less than 0.5 deg
Jeffrey A. Davis, Jeffrey A. Davis, Lisa L. Haavig, Lisa L. Haavig, Don M. Cottrell, Don M. Cottrell, } "Direction sensing rotational filter for an optical correlator," Optical Engineering 37(1), (1 January 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601836 . Submission:

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