1 January 1998 Micro-optical multiwavelet element for hybrid texture segmentation processor
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The concept of multiresolution analysis on the basis of multichannel filtering in the theory of the early stages of human vision offers suitable methods for pattern recognition. A novel micro-optical multiwavelet element, which has the functions of wavelet filtering, beamsplitting, and self-imaging, has been designed and fabricated for a hybrid texture segmentation processor. All sixteen channel filters process in parallel, using a conventional 2-D correlator. Accordingly, sixteen filtered images sensitive to different scales and orientations are obtained simultaneously as features for texture segmentation. Experimental results and primary applications are presented.
Wenyi Feng, Wenyi Feng, Yingbai Yan, Yingbai Yan, Gaogui Huang, Gaogui Huang, Guofan Jin, Guofan Jin, } "Micro-optical multiwavelet element for hybrid texture segmentation processor," Optical Engineering 37(1), (1 January 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601605 . Submission:

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