1 November 1998 Design method of dichroic filter using color appearance model in LCD projection systems
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A new design method using a color appearance model is proposed for the dichroic filters in LCD projection systems. The dichroic filters used for color separation/composition play a dominant role in the performance of color reproduction so that its spectral transmittance should be designed to have optimized color performance. In the proposed method, a reproducible color gamut in the 3-D color space is used as a performance index, and we find the optimal half-power wavelengths of dichroic filters, which are applicable to the development of LCD projection TV systems. Considering diverse viewing conditions with moderate ambient light, the design parameters are optimized by maximizing the volume of the color gamut in an apparent color space for each condition. Here, the RLAB color space developed by Fairchild is used as a color appearance model and the white balancing method is applied to restore the designated color temperature of peak white. The optimal wavelengths are compared with the design based on the CIELAB color space without considering nonstandard viewing conditions, and both results do not show as much difference as expected due to the white balance.
Jee-Hong Kim, Jee-Hong Kim, } "Design method of dichroic filter using color appearance model in LCD projection systems," Optical Engineering 37(11), (1 November 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601974 . Submission:

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