1 November 1998 Microlens arrays produced with the help of the sampling filter
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We describe a new method for microlens array generation based on the application of the imaging properties of the sampling filter. A binary amplitude mask corresponding to the transmittance of a lens is used as an input object. Its multiplied images, produced by the sampling filter with properly selected resolution, are characterized by the continuous distribution of intensity, which, when exposed in a phasephotosensitive material lead to the appearance of the microlens array. The specific, collective character of the imaging process results in great lens homogeneity. The technique offers wide design freedom and enables us to obtain lenses of long focal lengths. Numerical verification of the concept as well as experimental results are presented.
Zbigniew Jaroszewicz, Zbigniew Jaroszewicz, Andrzej Kolodziejczyk, Andrzej Kolodziejczyk, Maciej Sypek, Maciej Sypek, } "Microlens arrays produced with the help of the sampling filter," Optical Engineering 37(11), (1 November 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601971 . Submission:

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