1 December 1998 RJ-45 style duplex fiber optic connector with 2.5-mm ferrules
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A small form factor fiber optic connector called the Fiber Jack and defined in Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) FOCIS-6 is introduced that reduces the center spacing of the ferrules from 1.27 mm (0.5 in.) as in a duplex SC to 0.63 mm (0.25 in.) to enable it to fit within a standard RJ-45 port spacing. The Fiber Jack (FJ™) connector is the combination of two de facto standards: 2.5 mm ferrules and the RJ-45 style plug and jack. The standard 2.5 mm diameter ferrules take advantage of industry investment in termination equipment and techniques. The plug and jack design eliminates the use of an adapter such that the jack mounts flush with an outlet or patch panel. The FJ is designed for both multimode and single-mode fiber and has been tested according to EIA/TIA (Electrical Industry Association/ Telecommunications Industry Association) defined Fiber Optic Test Procedures (FOTPs), the results of which are included. The Fiber Jack interface was developed by Panduit Corporation and is marketed as the OPTI-JACK™ fiber optic connector.
Chris Vernon, "RJ-45 style duplex fiber optic connector with 2.5-mm ferrules," Optical Engineering 37(12), (1 December 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602006 . Submission:

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