1 December 1998 SC-DC/SC-QC fiber optic connector
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The SC-DC™ and SC-QC™ (SC-DC/SC-QC are registered trademarks of Siecor) are multifiber optical connectors for conventional optical network applications. The SC-DC and SC-QC connectors were designed to provide a new interface technology that is significantly smaller than the duplex SC interface. The small SC-DC and SC-QC connector interfaces occupy half the space of an SC connector, effectively doubling the number of fiber ports in a given space. In addition, SC-DC and SC-QC connectors are simpler to install as well as offering greater packing density for both electronics and cable management. The connector design and performance of the SC-DC/SC-QC connector for both single-mode and multimode applications are described.
Karl Wagner, David Dean, Markus Giebel, "SC-DC/SC-QC fiber optic connector," Optical Engineering 37(12), (1 December 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601987 . Submission:

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