1 February 1998 Sensor measurement scheduling: an enhanced dynamic, pre-emptive algorithm
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Optical Engineering, 37(2), (1998). doi:10.1117/1.601640
An enhanced architecture for a sensor measurement scheduler and a dynamic sensor scheduling algorithm called the on-line, greedy, urgency-driven, preemptive scheduling algorithm (OGUPSA) are presented. The premise is that the function of sensor management can be partitioned into the two tasks of information management, essentially an information to measurement mapping, and a sensor scheduler that takes the measurement requests along with their priorities and optimally maps them to a set of sensors. OGUPSA was developed using the three main scheduling policies of most-urgent-first to pick a task, earliest- completed-first to select a sensor, and least-versatile-first to resolve ties. By successive application of these policies. OGUPSA dynamically allocates, schedules, and distributes a set of measurement tasks from an information manager among a set of sensors. OGUPSA can detect the failure of a measurement task to meet a deadline and improves the dynamic load balance among all sensors while being a polynomial time algorithm. One of the key components of OGUPSA is the information in the applicable sensor table. This table is the mechanism that is used to assign requested tasks to specific sensors.
Gregory A. McIntyre, Kenneth J. Hintz, "Sensor measurement scheduling: an enhanced dynamic, pre-emptive algorithm," Optical Engineering 37(2), (1 February 1998). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.601640


Control systems

Algorithm development

Optical engineering

Data fusion

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