1 March 1998 Subpixel sensitivity map for a charge-coupled device
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The sensitivity across a solid state detector array varies as a result of differences in transmission, diffusion and scattering properties over the sensor. This variation will occur over a range of scale lengths and its knowledge is of importance for improved device design and in a variety of applications, for example, event centroiding in photon counting systems. A measurement of the sensitivity variation on a subpixel scale for a two-phase front-illuminated CCD is reported. The measurement is made using a scanning reflection microscope. A variation in sensitivity between the phases within a pixel is clearly observed, as well as variations on a much smaller spatial scale.
Daniel Kavaldjiev, Daniel Kavaldjiev, Zoran Ninkov, Zoran Ninkov, } "Subpixel sensitivity map for a charge-coupled device," Optical Engineering 37(3), (1 March 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601788 . Submission:

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