1 June 1998 Novel temporal Fourier transform speckle pattern shearing interferometer
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A method to measure the derivative of displacement using time variation changes in the object together with Fourier transform analysis in speckle shear interferometry is presented. The concept of the method is that the object is deformed continuously and a large number of sheared images of the object motion are acquired using a high speed CCD camera. The derivative of the object deformation is then retrieved from this large set of data using Fourier transformation. The method is capable of obtaining information for object displacements over 500 µm, which is a very difficult task when using conventional electronic speckle pattern shearing interferometry. Theory as well as some of the experimental results with the new method are delineated.
Charles Joenathan, Charles Joenathan, Bernhard Franze, Bernhard Franze, Pascal Haible, Pascal Haible, Hans J. Tiziani, Hans J. Tiziani, } "Novel temporal Fourier transform speckle pattern shearing interferometer," Optical Engineering 37(6), (1 June 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601834 . Submission:

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