1 June 1998 Parallel computing: a tool for image evaluation
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The evaluation of the optical performance of optical systems by means of the diffraction patterns, bidimensional input objects composed of several object points, etc. consumes a huge amount of computing time. Furthermore, multiple-purpose optical systems that use the Fourier and image planes for different applications require evaluation and optimization on both planes, which also consumes a huge amount of computing time. A program to solve the computing time problem using parallel programming is presented. The program evaluates the image quality of a triplet camera lens and a radial gradient-refractive-index (GRlN) lens by tracing numerous rays from several object points distributed on the object plane. Using two Sparc Workstations, in parallel, this program can reduce the computing time almost to half that needed using only one machine.
Francisco-J. Renero-Carrillo, Francisco-J. Renero-Carrillo, Pedro Morales-A, Pedro Morales-A, } "Parallel computing: a tool for image evaluation," Optical Engineering 37(6), (1 June 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601715 . Submission:

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