1 June 1998 Simple technique for replication of micro-optical elements
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A simple technique for the replication of micro-optical elements is presented. Elastomeric material is used to realize a negative mold of the original optical element and UV-curing adhesive is used to make the replicated copy. Replicated elements, such as refractive and diffractive micro-optical elements, are produced. The refractive microlenses have a diameter of 970 µm and a height of 79 µm and the diffractive element is a multilevel blazed grating with a period of 64 µm. The characteristics of the replicated elements are measured using different methods. The deviation from a sphere of the original and the replicated refractive microlenses is 0.13?. and 0.12?. root mean square (rms), respectively. The replicated multilevel blazed grating has a diffraction efficiency of over 80%. An alternative method for realizing planoconcave microlenses from a planoconvex master is also presented.
Philippe Nussbaum, Philippe Nussbaum, Irene Philipoussis, Irene Philipoussis, Aline Husser, Aline Husser, Hans Peter Herzig, Hans Peter Herzig, } "Simple technique for replication of micro-optical elements," Optical Engineering 37(6), (1 June 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601799 . Submission:

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