1 June 1998 Simulation of micro-optical array systems with RAYTRACE
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The optical analysis and design program RAYTRACE, which was developed at our institute, enables the simulation of micro-optical systems containing arrays of microlenses or other optical components. The most important features of the program are briefly described to show its broad application areas. A special simulation example showing the spot diagram and the intensity distribution in the focal plane of a simple Shack-Hartmann sensor with a diffractive microlens array for an incident aspherical wave is given.
Norbert Lindlein, Norbert Lindlein, Frank Simon, Frank Simon, Johannes Schwider, Johannes Schwider, } "Simulation of micro-optical array systems with RAYTRACE," Optical Engineering 37(6), (1 June 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601725 . Submission:

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