1 August 1998 Subnanosecond optical gating using coax cable input microchannel plate image intensifier
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Proximity focused microchannel plate image intensifies (MCPIIs) with a mesh underlay photocathode are analyzed for their iris- ing time, which is found to be of the order of 650 ps. This is much longer than previously reported but is finally explained by the mesh thickness. The reduction of this effect requires further investigation. A newly introduced impedance match has real broadband characteristics, and the irising is fully caused by other effects. The minimum gate time observable was clearly below 1 ns. The mesh underlay MCPII did not open to its full diameter at the shortest applied times. The long laser diode pulse and a too flat voltage slope of the driving generator prevented exact results for subnanosecond timing. Continued development of the system is underway.
Paul Hoess, Paul Hoess, Karlheinz Fleder, Karlheinz Fleder, Joachim M. K. Ehrhardt, Joachim M. K. Ehrhardt, } "Subnanosecond optical gating using coax cable input microchannel plate image intensifier," Optical Engineering 37(8), (1 August 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601734 . Submission:

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