1 September 1998 Efficient chip counting system with a modified scanner
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A low-cost imaging system capable of recognizing and counting semiconductor good dice is designed and is proven experimentally to be effective. The system utilizes a commercial scanner with the least modification of its inner optics by a beamsplitter-insertion method. Patterns on specular die surfaces therefore can be grabbed clearly, which results in the marks on defective dice being distinguishable. Also, a mask algorithm is developed to count the good dice on an adhesive tape, according to the gray-level histogram and the converted binary picture of the scanned image. The built-in software associated with the scanner, which is reliable and user-friendly, can also be incorporated into the designated algorithm without paying an additional price for system development.
Tzong-Sheng Lee, Tzong-Sheng Lee, Jin-Shown Shie, Jin-Shown Shie, } "Efficient chip counting system with a modified scanner," Optical Engineering 37(9), (1 September 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601830 . Submission:

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