1 September 1998 Modeling and analysis of the Large Earth-based Solar Telescope dynamics
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A model for numerical simulations of the dynamical behavior of the Large Earth-based Solar Telescope is described. The model includes the various subsystems of the telescope optics and mechanics, as well as its live optics system. The live optics system consists of subsystems for active optics, for adaptive optics, and for automatic alignment and guiding. The model also includes various kinds of disturbances, such as atmospheric turbulence and wind gusts. The modeling of the disturbances is also described. The dynamics of the telescope is analyzed using the numerical model. The simulation results confirm the fundamental importance of the live optics system of the telescope. The amount of atmospheric turbulence is found to be critical to telescope performance, although during favorable seeing conditions other sources of image degradation limit the performance. Wind gusts are of little concern during normal weather conditions, especially when the live optics system is used. In addition to the numerical time-domain model, a statespace model is used for frequency-domain analysis and for verification of the time-domain model. The results from the state-space model show that the image motion in the final focus is significantly reduced at frequencies below the eigenfrequency of the fast tip-tilt mirror.
Hans Jakobsson, Hans Jakobsson, } "Modeling and analysis of the Large Earth-based Solar Telescope dynamics," Optical Engineering 37(9), (1 September 1998). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.601766 . Submission:


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