1 April 1999 Moire interferometry with elliptically polarized waves
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A method is presented for the process of elimination of the influence of ellipticity of interfering waves in moire interferometry, using a combination of an analytical solution and direct measurements of ellipticity parameters of each interfering wave. The method is advantageous in that it makes it possible to access and overcome the unfavorable influence of ellipticity. The phase difference of interfering waves is described. A model case is used to show the influence of wave ellipticity and the fluctuation of light source output on the mean irradiation intensity of the interference field, visibility of fringes, and the error of the phase function determination.
Pavel Vaclavik, Pavel Vaclavik, Jiri Minster, Jiri Minster, } "Moire interferometry with elliptically polarized waves," Optical Engineering 38(4), (1 April 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602195 . Submission:

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