1 May 1999 Image quality of increased along-scan sampling for remote sensing systems
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Optical Engineering, 38(5), (1999). doi:10.1117/1.602053
Commercial remote sensing systems generally employ a linear detector array for imaging the ground scene. Strategies for increasing the ground sampling along one direction of the array can be employed to improve the image quality. Image simulations were generated to quantify the image quality improvement, in terms of the National Image Interpretability Scale (NiIRS), as the sampling is increased in the along-scan (A/S) direction of the array. The simulations modeled a remote sensing system with ?FN/p = 1 (where FN is the system f-number and p is the detector sampling pitch) and show that an image quality improvement of approximately 0.35 NIIRS can be achieved if the sampling rate is increased in the A/S direction by 2x
Robert D. Fiete, Theodore A. Tantalo, "Image quality of increased along-scan sampling for remote sensing systems," Optical Engineering 38(5), (1 May 1999). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.602053

Image quality


Remote sensing

Sensing systems

Modulation transfer functions

Image filtering

Image processing


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