1 June 1999 High-speed surface measurement using a non-scanning multiple-beam confocal microscope
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This paper describes a high-speed surface measurement system for in-line semiconductor package inspections. The system features the following three points in construction. One is an optics for con- focal imaging. We call the optics a nonscanning multiple-beam confocal microscope. The microscope can get a confocal image in a short time because XY-scanning, which is required in conventional confocal microscopes, is not needed. Two is the algorithm that performs accurate reconstruction of the object surfaces from a few confocal images. The last is a mechanism that performs shifts of the focused plane of the microscope quickly. The experimental system can cover the measurement area of 9.6x9.6x0.64 mm and can measure that area in less than 0.4 s with an accuracy of about 1 µm.
Mitsuhiro Ishihara, Mitsuhiro Ishihara, Hiromi Sasaki, Hiromi Sasaki, } "High-speed surface measurement using a non-scanning multiple-beam confocal microscope," Optical Engineering 38(6), (1 June 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602155 . Submission:


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