1 July 1999 Integrated acousto-optic and magneto-optic Bragg cell modulators and their applications
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Significant advances have been made in both integrated acousto-optic (AO) and magneto-optic (MO) Bragg cell modulators in recent years. Presented are similarities in the basic interaction geometry and the characteristics associated with AO and MO Bragg diffraction and a comparison of the resulting AO and MO Bragg cell modulators in terms of the substrate material, center carrier frequency, bandwidth and their electronic tunability, modulation and switching speed, diffraction efficiency, fabrication and integration technologies, and applications. While the technology toward realization of monolithic integrated AO device modules in indium phosphide (InP)-based waveguide substrate is considerably ahead of its MO counterpart in yittrium iron garnet/gadolinium garnet (YIG/GGG)-based waveguide substrate, the basic MO Bragg cell modulators have demonstrated a number of unique and important advantages over their AO counterparts. Further research and development toward ultimate realization of integrated AO and MO device modules is also discussed.
Chen S. Tsai, Chen S. Tsai, } "Integrated acousto-optic and magneto-optic Bragg cell modulators and their applications," Optical Engineering 38(7), (1 July 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602163 . Submission:

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