1 August 1999 300-mm-aperture phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer
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Optical Engineering, 38(8), (1999). doi:10.1117/1.602180
A 300-mm-aperture digital phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer (LADI) has been developed in house for precision metrology of optical components fabricated by the Optical Workshop at CSIRO Division of Telecommunications and Industrial Physics. This paper describes the optical and mechanical configuration of the instrument as well as its calibration and performance characteristics. Recent measurements on 250-mm-diam uncoated optical surfaces have consistently shown shortterm repeatability of 0.3 nm rms from measurement to measurement and allowed absolute characterization of these surfaces to an accuracy of a few nanometers.
Philip S. Fairman, B. K. Ward, Bozenko F. Oreb, David I. Farrant, Yves A. Gilliand, Christopher H. Freund, Achim J. Leistner, Jeffrey A. Seckold, Christopher J. Walsh, "300-mm-aperture phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer," Optical Engineering 38(8), (1 August 1999). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.602180

Phase shifts

Nanoimprint lithography

Optical testing

Monochromatic aberrations


Fizeau interferometers

Beam splitters


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