1 November 2000 Cylindrical microlens array fabricated by argon ion-beam etching
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Theoretical study indicates the potential for fabricating a noncircle cylindrical microlens array, a circle-shaped cylindrical microlens array, and a microprism array. Experimental results show that the cylindrical microlens arrays with surface profiles of a circle and an ellipse in a Si substrate have good surface quality and high uniformity. The relation curves between the Ar ion energy and the Ar ion-beam etching rate in several substrate materials such as ZrO2, InP, SiO2 (quartz glass), and Si and the photoresist (BP212) mask materials consolidated at relatively high temperature are given. The techniques utilized can be applied to fabricate a large-area cylindrical microlens array with different surface profiles and microprism array.
Xinyu Zhang, Xinyu Zhang, Qingle Tang, Qingle Tang, Xinjian Yi, Xinjian Yi, Zhi Zhang, Zhi Zhang, Xiandeng Pei, Xiandeng Pei, } "Cylindrical microlens array fabricated by argon ion-beam etching," Optical Engineering 39(11), (1 November 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1290686 . Submission:


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