1 February 2000 Novel technologies for 1.55-um vertical cavity lasers
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Optical Engineering, 39(2), (2000). doi:10.1117/1.602387
We report on three novel vertical-cavity laser (VCL) structures for 1.55-?m operation. Two of the structures utilize an n-type GalnAsP/ InP Bragg mirror combined with an Al(Ga)As/GaAs mirror using either wafer fusion or metamorphic epitaxial growth. The third employs two wafer-fused AlGaAs/GaAs mirrors, in which lateral current confinement is obtained by localized fusion of the p mirror. All three VCLs use strained GalnAsP quantum wells as active material and achieve continuous-wave (cw) operation at room temperature or above. The single fused VCL operates up to 17 and 101°C in continuous-wave and pulsed mode, respectively. The monolithic VCL-structure with a metamorphic GaAs/AlAs n-type mirror uses a reverse-biased tunnel junction for current injection. This laser achieves record high output power (1 mW) at room temperature and operates cw up to 45°C. The double fused VCLs with a 10x 10-?m2 active area operate cw up to 30°C with threshold current as low as 2.5 mA and series resistance of 30 H. The emission spectra exhibit a single lasing mode polarized with 30-dB extinction ratio and a spectral linewidth of 150 MHz.
Klaus P. Streubel, Mattias Hammar, F. Salomonsson, J. Bentell, Sebastian Mogg, S. Rapp, Joel Jacquet, J. Boucart, Christophe Starck, Antonina Plais, F. Gaborit, E. Derouin, N. Bouche, Alok P. Rudra, Alexei V. Syrbu, Vladimir P. Iakovlev, Claude-Albert Berseth, O. Dehaese, Eli E. Kapon, H. Moussa, Isabelle Sagnes, R. Raj, "Novel technologies for 1.55-um vertical cavity lasers," Optical Engineering 39(2), (1 February 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602387


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