1 February 2000 Results from real-time laser speckle-shift strain measurement system
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A real-time two-color laser speckle-shift strain measurement system based on the technique of Yamaguchi was designed, built, and tested at room temperature. This noncontact 1-D system detects surface strain in a structural fiber as it is pulled in a tensile test machine. Interference or speckle patterns from the laser-illuminated fiber test specimen are recorded. As the fiber is pulled, its speckle pattern shifts in proportion to the strain, translational, and rotational components of the sample deformation. Shifting speckle patterns are detected using two linear CCD arrays with image processing performed in realtime by a hardware correlator. Surface strain is detected in fibers with diameters on the order of 100?m and can be resolved to 20 ?m/m. This system was designed to be robust and compact and generally does not require surface preparation of the structural fibers.
Meg L. Tuma, Meg L. Tuma, Lawrence C. Greer, Lawrence C. Greer, Michael J. Krasowski, Michael J. Krasowski, Lawrence G. Oberle, Lawrence G. Oberle, Kristie A. Elam, Kristie A. Elam, Daniel C. Spina, Daniel C. Spina, } "Results from real-time laser speckle-shift strain measurement system," Optical Engineering 39(2), (1 February 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602399 . Submission:


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