1 June 2000 Ridge-line optimal detector
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Image processing techniques have seen many developments in recent years. Starting from the pioneering work of Canny, Deriche developed a second order recursive filter capable of detecting stepped contours. However, there are other contour shapes that those filters struggle to detect. We describe a new optimal filter sensu Canny for detecting ridge-line contours. This is a third order recursive and even filter. it is dependent on three parameters by which detection accuracy is adjusted. The results obtained by applying this filter to (possibly noise- affected) images are compared with those in the work by Ziou.
Pierre Gouton, Pierre Gouton, Hayet Laggoune, Hayet Laggoune, R. K. Kouassi, R. K. Kouassi, Michel Paindavoine, Michel Paindavoine, "Ridge-line optimal detector," Optical Engineering 39(6), (1 June 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602536 . Submission:

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