1 July 2000 Real-time hyperspectral detection and cuing
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The Dark HORSE 1 (Hyperspectral Overhead Reconnaissance and Surveillance Experiment 1) flight test has demonstrated autonomous, real-time visible hyperspectral detection of military ground targets with real-time cuing of a high-resolution framing camera. An overview of the Dark HORSE 1 hyperspectral sensor system is presented. The system hardware components are described in detail, with an emphasis on the visible hyperspectral sensor and the real-time processor. Descriptions of system software and processing methods are also provided. The recent field experiment in which the Dark HORSE 1 system was employed is described in detail along with an analysis of the collected data. The results evince per-pixel false-alarm rates on the order of 10-5/km2, and demonstrate the improved performance obtained by operating two detection algorithms simultaneously.
Christopher M. Stellman, Geoffrey G. Hazel, Frank Bucholtz, Joseph V. Michalowicz, Alan D. Stocker, William Schaaf, "Real-time hyperspectral detection and cuing," Optical Engineering 39(7), (1 July 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.602577


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