1 August 2000 Efficient deinterlacing algorithm using edge-based line average interpolation
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An efficient algorithm is proposed for the interpolation of interlaced images. On the basis of the edge-based line average (ELA) algorithm, tow useful measurements are introduced within the operation window in order to alleviate misleading decisions in determining the direction where the interpolation is to be made. By efficiently estimating the directional spatial correlations of neighboring pixels, increased interpolation accuracy has been achieved. In addition, the new method is simply structured and is therefore easy to implement. Extensive simulations conducted for different images and video sequences have shown the efficacy of the proposed interpolator, with significant improvement over previous ELA-based algorithms.
Tao Chen, Tao Chen, Hong Ren Wu, Hong Ren Wu, Zhenghua Yu, Zhenghua Yu, } "Efficient deinterlacing algorithm using edge-based line average interpolation," Optical Engineering 39(8), (1 August 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1305262 . Submission:

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