1 August 2000 Shadow moire profilometry using the phase-shifting method
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Optical Engineering, 39(8), (2000). doi:10.1117/1.1305468
Two-stages are planned to measure the 3-D profile of objects by using the phaseshifting method, based on shadow moire topography. The stages essentially consist of moving the grating vertically, which produces a change in the moire pattern, and rotating the grating, which results in a constant phase shift regardless of the moire fringe order. In practice, an additional stage of moving the grating horizontally has to be added, which averages the grating period and yields a better moire pattern. We aim to improve the shortcomings inherent in the conventional method, such as complicated operation of the optical arrangement, and our emphasis is on describing the novel methodology and justifying it by an error simulation test. The experimental results show that this technique is available for practical applications.
Lianhua Jin, Yutaka Kodera, Toru Yoshizawa, Yukitoshi Otani, "Shadow moire profilometry using the phase-shifting method," Optical Engineering 39(8), (1 August 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1305468


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