1 March 1966 Underwater Camera Calibrator
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The Underwater Camera Calibrator is a precision instrument that provides a known angular array of collimator targets to be photographed by a camera under test. The images of the targets are then read and measured to yield the necessary data for the determination of focal length, location of principal point, distortion, and resolution. Generally, the targets of a camera calibration instrument are located at optical infinity; however, the images presented to the camera by the Underwater Camera Calibrator may be set for any distance from 6 feet to infinity. Underwater cameras are tested with the tank filled with water and regular cameras are tested without water in the tank.
Gomer T. McNeil, Gomer T. McNeil, } "Underwater Camera Calibrator," Optical Engineering 4(3), 040395 (1 March 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971325 . Submission:

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