1 March 1966 An Instrument for Determining the Lens Spectral Transmittance
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The variety in the spectral sensitivities of photoreceptive materials in current use today requires close control of the spectral transmittance of lenses for proper systems design. A device utilizing second order narrow band interference filters is described in which the spectral transmittance of compound lenses can be quickly and accurately determined, at a series of discrete wavelengths, by a relatively unskilled operator through a semi-automatic push-button operation.
Frank S. Winski, Frank S. Winski, Richard M. Bobbe, Richard M. Bobbe, Gary K. Starkweather, Gary K. Starkweather, } "An Instrument for Determining the Lens Spectral Transmittance," Optical Engineering 4(3), 403103 (1 March 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971326 . Submission:

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