1 May 1966 Processing Ranger and Mariner Photography
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A discussion of the "Lunar Television Image Converter" (Lunar-TIC) will be presented. This is the system utilized for the digital processing of the RANGER and the MARINER pictures. Digitizing requirements and 'tradeoffs' will be covered as they apply to this process which employs a magnetic analog tape as the data source, converts the data for processing in a 7094 computer and then converts it to picture form. Some of the RANGER and MARINER pictures which have been processed in the IPL digital computer will be shown and the various techniques used will be discussed. Samples will also be shown of the capability of Lunar-TIC to scan, digitize, and reconstruct photographic transparencies.
Fred C. Billingsley, Fred C. Billingsley, } "Processing Ranger and Mariner Photography," Optical Engineering 4(4), 404147 (1 May 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971335 . Submission:

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