1 May 1966 New Product Development from A Research Project
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The transformation of a hardware research and development. project to a production program which meets the lead time and cost demands of a dynamic market can be a complex and challenging problem. This is particularly so when the need of the market and the pressure of competition force the acceler ation of full-scale production while certain of the basic engineering design tasks are still in progress. Rigorous coordination between engineering, production, and marketing functions is essential both to avoid costly rework and to maintain an orderly and predictable production schedule. This paper will describe how this transition was accomplished in the successful introduction of the VARISCAN, an advanced photo-interpretation tool developed by the Nuclear Research Instruments Division of the Houston Fearless Corporation, to meet an exceedingly demanding market. In this instance, the normally sequential phases of design development, prototype construction and evaluation, production engineering, and finally full-scale production were compressed into an abnormally short time span, enabling first deliveries of the production item just four months from start on work on the prototype. Within an additional fourteen months, deliveries of fifty-one production units were completed, with full-scale production of an additional fifty units of a significantly improved model already in progress. We consider this experience to be well worth recording, as its value in demonstrating what a dedicated, skillful, and sometimes ingenuous management and technical tesm can accomplish will unquestionably provide "fallout" benefits to future programs of this type.
Richard V. Villoria, Richard V. Villoria, } "New Product Development from A Research Project," Optical Engineering 4(4), 404170 (1 May 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971339 . Submission:

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