1 July 1966 Problems Peculiar to Spectral Ballistic Camera Instrumentation
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The Spectral Ballistic Camera instrument (slitless spectrographs for nighttime use) provide relative intensity data as a function of wavelength, and scintillation analysis information on various missiles and other emissive body trajectories. Problems encountered when recording low-light-level emissions, calibration of off-axis imagery, optimum recording emulsions, development techniques, reduction of data, and timing correlations are currently being investigated. The instruments are presently confined to recording trajectory and spectra on relatively wide-field cameras that are directed toward the areas of interest. Transmission gratings mounted before the lens are aligned on the cameras so that the direction of spectral dispersion is perpendicular to the predicted motion on the trajectory.
Daniel J. Novak, "Problems Peculiar to Spectral Ballistic Camera Instrumentation," Optical Engineering 4(5), 405212 (1 July 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971342 . Submission:


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