1 September 1966 Applications of Lasers to Photo-optical Instrumentation Problems
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A number of recent applications of lasers to the solution of photo-optical instrumentation problems are described. These include analytical and experimental studies performed to evaluate the use of both pulsed solid-state and CIV gas lasers as light sources for schlieren and interferometer systems, the application of a iCW gas laser and a high-speed camera to investigate dynamic acoustic pressure waves and the investigation of a laser source for a backscattering photometer for measuring light transmission through the atmosphere. Each application described serves to illustrate one or more of the laser's unique properties in meeting a particular photo-optical instrumentation requirement.
Robert L. Leighton, "Applications of Lasers to Photo-optical Instrumentation Problems," Optical Engineering 4(6), 406263 (1 September 1966). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971330 . Submission:

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