1 November 2001 Hybrid holographic microscope for interferometric measurement of microstructures
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A hybrid holographic microscope is proposed to realize both imaging and interferometric measurement of microstructures and meet the two major challenges in micromeasurement, which are high resolution and small object size. The system is developed based on an in-line digital holographic arrangement incorporated with a long-distance microscope. Studies demonstrate that it is capable of realizing measurement of microstructures with lateral dimensions of at least 5 ?m. The application of the system in micromeasurement is experimentally investigated on a microcantilever. The load-induced deflection is obtained and validated with numerically simulated results based on a finite element model. Error analysis for displacement determination is performed.
Lei Xu, Xiaoyuan Peng, Anand Krishna Asundi, Jianmin Miao, "Hybrid holographic microscope for interferometric measurement of microstructures," Optical Engineering 40(11), (1 November 2001). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1412621

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