1 July 2001 Fabrication of a waveguiding layer in Teflon AF by ion irradiation
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The modification of thin Teflon AF® films by He+ ion irradiation was investigated. As an integrated optical measurement technique, leaky-mode spectroscopy has been applied, and an increase of ?n = 8 x 10-3 for the real part of the refractive index has been found in the irradiated surface region of the film. The irradiated films can be regarded as a bilayer system consisting of a layer with low refractive index and a layer with high refractive index. The latter can be used as an optical waveguide with a substrate of unmodified Teflon AF. In addition, a decrease of the initial film thickness, an increase in UV absorption, and no significant increase in absorption of near-infrared light were found.
Markus Leitz, R. P. Podgorsek, Hilmar Franke, Daniel Hernandez Cruz, Emile J. Knystautas, Roger A. Lessard, "Fabrication of a waveguiding layer in Teflon AF by ion irradiation," Optical Engineering 40(7), (1 July 2001). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1385331

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