1 July 2001 Si-based resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetector
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Optical Engineering, 40(7), (2001). doi:10.1117/1.402679
We report one top-illumination and one bottom-illumination SiGe/Si multiple quantum-well (MQW) resonant-cavity-enhanced (RCE) photodetector fabricated on a separation-by-implanted-oxygen (SIMOX) wafer operating near 1300 nm. The buried oxygen layer in SIMOX is used as a mirror to form a vertical cavity with the silicon dioxide/silicon Bragg reflector deposited on the top surface. A peak responsivity with a reverse bias of 5 V is measured 10.2 mA/W at 1285 nm, a full width at half maximum of 25 nm for the top-illumination RCE photodetector, 19 mA/W at 1305 nm, and a full width at half maximum of 14 nm for the bottom-illumination one. The external quantum efficiency of the bottom- illumination RCE photodetector is up to 2.9% at 1305 nm, with a reverse bias of 25 V. The responsivity of the bottom-illumination RCE photodetector is improved by two-fold compared with that of the top-illumination one.
Qiming Wang, Cheng Li, Buwen Cheng, Qingqing Yang, "Si-based resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetector," Optical Engineering 40(7), (1 July 2001). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.402679

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