1 September 2001 Improved nearest codeword search scheme using a tighter kick-out condition
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Using a tighter kick-out condition as a faster approach to nearest codeword searches is proposed. The proposed scheme finds the nearest codeword that is identical to the one found using a full search. However, using our scheme, the search time is much shorter. Our scheme first establishes a tighter kick-out condition. Then, the temporal nearest codeword can be obtained from the codewords that survive the tighter condition. Finally, the temporal nearest codeword cooperates with the query vector to constitute a better kick-out condition. In other words, more codewords can be excluded without actually computing the distances between the bypassed codewords and the query vector. Comparisons to previous work are included to present the benefits of the proposed scheme in relation to search time.
Kuo-Feng Hwang, Chin-Chen Chang, "Improved nearest codeword search scheme using a tighter kick-out condition," Optical Engineering 40(9), (1 September 2001). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1397767

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