1 October 2003 Advances in silica-based integrated optics
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Recent advances within the realization of silica-based planar waveguide circuitry are presented. This ranges from the production methods for planar waveguides, including a novel method based on the utilization of focused UV-laser beams for direct waveguide imprinting, to the functionalities that are embedded into the glass materials and waveguide circuitry. Planar waveguide amplifiers, lasers, and the pursuit to obtain highly nonlinear materials to realize purely glass-based switches, modulators, and wavelength converters are also presented. Furthermore, microring resonators are discussed, and finally the latest results within 2-D photonic bandgap structures are reviewed.
Mogens Rysholt Poulsen, Peter Ingo Borel, Jacob Fage-Pedersen, Joerg Huebner, Martin Kristensen, Jørn Hedegaard Povlsen, Karsten Rottwitt, Mikael Svalgaard, Winnie Svendsen, "Advances in silica-based integrated optics," Optical Engineering 42(10), (1 October 2003). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1605416

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